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Pat on BCCI’s Back

Posted On 11 Sep, 2014 Others, Sports and Cricket, sports mail में

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Cricket and controversies always walk together, sometimes its friendly gestures but sometimes it can ruin careers too. I want to go back to 2013 IPL when 4 of Rajasthan Royals players were booked for Spot-fixing. Two of them get life ban from cricket including S.Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan. The Known face in them S. Sreesanth, appeared on a TV dance show but controversies followed him there also and he ended up in quitting show.

Some days ago I was watching India vs Pakistan world T20 finals 2007 on star sports1, its always great to see the young blood after humiliating exit from 50 overs edition of world cup, winning pride for the country, and that to against arch rival Pakistan. It was interesting game, India posted a good score on board and started off well in bowling department too. It’s the last over and Pakistan need 6 more to win from last 4 balls to be bowled. Not much known face Joginder Sharma was nervous after giving 6 runs on previous delivery and on the other side experienced Misbah-ul-Haq looking to win World cup for his team with last wicket to spare. Joginder Sharma bowls, Misbah goes for scoop shot over short fine leg and what next???? , what I remember was someone took that catch, but on television it appeared the team mates came running on the field to celebrate first ever T20 world cup triumph, but who took that catch? Thanks to digital televisions where one can pause and rewind the live programme, and I went back but still no sign of the person who took catch. Alas this brings curiosity in my mind I watched the whole highlights again on television and what I find out was mere surprising, there was not a single frame where one can find S.Sreesanth in one of the biggest wins for the country and this made me give a salute to BCCI.

Despite being part of a biggest win for the country if one is not accountable to country he does not deserve to get any credits even. YouTube may never let you forget that last catch that seals world cup victory but star sports network will. Legal punishment is different but keeping away from achievement after doing something that brings shame to country is also a justified punishment.
This step from BCCI will convey a strong message to country and the world about seriousness towards game. Taking back pride and record is a justifiable punishment for a sportsman who let game and country down by his act. This step should be seen by world as a mark to show commitment towards game. The glory should always remain with braves.


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jacksparrow के द्वारा
September 11, 2014

On contrary i would like to disagree with the writer of this blog…Sreeshanth no doubt has been among a huge speculation and might be involved in spot fixing.Till now for all we know he is a victim of a much bigger event that is happening with BCCI heavy weights involved which is kept under the rug…For all we also know that Sreeshanth has been actively involved in the 2 World Cups India has won in our generation…He is one of the main 11 reasons that India got to bid farewell to “The God” Sachin Tendulkar’s career with a 50 over ODI world Cup in his belt.The BCCI’s cheap tactics to take away the glory from Sreeshanth is not successful…We will always remember Ravi Shastri saying” Its in the air…Sreeshanth…And India win’s the World Cup..”.Lastly we also know that Sreeshanth has brought disgrace and dishonour and been a traitor to his club and the game of cricket…But he always played for his country with alot of passion and pride…!

    jacksparrow के द्वारा
    September 11, 2014

    All BCCI has tried to do by their cheap tactics is to save the IPL as it pays most of its revenue…how much ever the BCCI tries to show its power with money,people will always remember the facts…

    MRIDUL SAXENA के द्वारा
    September 12, 2014

    Thanks for your opinion, but lets take a paper you can write millions of stories on that paper, but once that paper is crumbled you can never bring it back in its real shape. Sreesanth added that glory to this nation but at the same time he just played (crumbled the paper) with nation. So the paper is crumbled and its better to put in trash and move forward to write other glories.

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